Smart Key Manager (SKM)

Smart Key Manager (SKM)

The Smart Key Manager (SKM) captures real time data to enable tracking of keys. This means multi-users can have a pre-determined level of authority within a secure system enabling businesses to work with the correct procedures in place.

SKM is based on Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, which employs electromagnetic fields to identify key fobs attached (primarily but not limited) to keys. Thanks to this identification and centralised management system, all types of keys (vehicle, meeting room etc.) are efficiently managed, risks are decreased, and operators are prevented from entering restricted areas.

Key access is granted to each person and managed by administrators who access the system and modify the status or database in real time. When there is any kind of key movement from the unit, it is registered in real time and becomes visible via a web interface.

Applications examples include safeguarding, dock monitoring, safety management, emergency key management.

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Smart Key Manager