Loading Bay/Warehousing

Loading bay/Warehousing

Changes in the warehouse industry

Warehousing is an enormous industry that is an essential part of the modern world and is constantly adapting to new demands. Supply chains are becoming more complex and warehouses are becoming distribution centres – where goods are finished, picked and packed – rather than old-fashioned storage areas.
There have been some very significant changes to the industry in the past few years, which have forced it to change the way it thinks about safety. A number of factors have caused these changes, not least the impact of technological developments on consumer behavior and operations within the warehouse.

Loading bay safety

The loading bay is one of the most dangerous areas of a warehouse, and 25% of all industrial accidents occur here, and for each accident that occurs there are around 600 near misses. Unscheduled vehicle drive away is one of the high risk factors in loading bay safety and accidents of this nature can result in severe injury or even death for warehouse operatives.

The Castell Salvo system can ensure that this risk is controlled and eliminated by integrating vehicle immobilisation with warehouse/vehicle access, and by applying trapped key interlocking technology into this process.


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