Our Sectors

Castell operates within the industry, manufacturing, energy and transportation sectors and their respective segments, offering high quality safety products and services addressing each segment’s specific needs and requirements.



The drivers in today’s energy industry

The demand for cleaner and continuous energy supply has led to changes in the power generation sector in recent years.

Stricter emission controls and an infrastructure that is coming to end of life means that there is pressure to find the most efficient and cost effective solutions whilst ensuring safe working environments across all sectors.

How Castell delivers

Castell’s tried and tested range of interlocking solutions have been helping the industry to work safely and protect its assets for almost a century.

With products to suit every application, Castell is the go-to brand for interlocking in today’s Energy market.

Power Distribution
Power Generation
MV/LV Systems
Industry & Manufacturing

The drivers in today’s Industry & Manufacturing sector

With advancement in technology in recent years, many manufacturing processes have evolved to include even more machine automation, leveraging the benefits of increased production capacity, efficiency and quality, whilst also delivering a reduction in production operating costs. The growing use of machinery has also increased the potential risk of exposure to hazards.  Modern day processes must incorporate data handling, a high level of automation, strict scheduling and rigorous safety controls.

The challenge for many businesses is maintaining the highest level of H&S during normal operation and cleaning & maintenance cycles, whilst keeping downtime to a minimum.

How Castell delivers

The Castell trapped key interlocking systems withstand harsh operating conditions common in many Industrial and Manufacturing environments such as Brick, Block, Aggregate, Cement, Chemical and Food production.

The interlocks enforce workers to follow a predefined process which prevents deliberate or inadvertent bypassing of the safety system.

Food Manufacturing
Aggregates & Mining
Waste & Recycling

The drivers in today’s Transport industry

The advancement of technology continues to enable the transport industry to deliver more products, in a shorter period, over a wider area every year. The pressures on the ability to remain competitive means that there is clear focus on how to improve utilisation, cost per shipment, productivity, efficiency and ultimately profitability. In a fast-paced business, these demands need to be managed in harmony by controlling potential risks and ensuring that workers can perform their duties in a safe environment. These risks are compounded with the increasing levels of automated equipment that are being introduced to drive efficiency.

How Castell delivers

Castell’s approach to working with customers is deeply rooted in understanding the safety issues faced in today’s ever-advancing, technology-driven transport industry. Our interlocking systems are designed to be robust, durable and are proved in the demanding environments faced by our customers in the transport industry.

Loading Bay/Warehousing
Rail Transport