Salvo Loading Bay Safety Systems

Safeguards Against Drive-Aways at the Loading Bay

Salvo Loading Bay Safety Systems

Safety at the loading bay can be complicated and dangerous – but it doesn’t have to be!

Our Salvo loading bay safety systems safeguards against accidental drive-aways at the loading bay by enhancing safety. The safety system forces employees into following a safe sequential process giving you peace of mind that a safe process is being followed 100% of the time.

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Of accidents occur at the loading bay

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Near misses occur for every accident

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£1.7 M

In costs per fatal injury

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In costs associated with each non-fatal workplace injury

Safety is Our Passion

At Castell, we believe everyone has the right to be safe at work and come home to their loved ones at the end of each and every day.

Our Salvo Loading Bay Safety System gives you peace of mind by enhancing safety at the loading bay and safeguarding against accidental drive-aways.

Tens of thousands of loading bay across the UK are protected.

Hundreds and thousands of family members kept safe.

Millions saved in fines and costs.

Lock Out The Trailer

Apply the Salvo gladhand onto the trailer’s emergency brake coupling. The glandhand’s trapped key can only be released once this condition is met. This will ensure that the brakes are locked and the air pressure cannot be re-applied.

Secure Access

Insert the key into the Salvo control panel or door lock. The door can now be opened. During loading/unloading the key will be trapped in the control panel or door lock and can only be removed once loading/unloading is complete and the bay door is locked closed.

Safely Perform Loading Operations

When loading/unloading is completed and the key has been released from the control panel or door lock, insert the key into the Salvo gladhand. The gladhand can now be removed and the driver can depart safely.

How it works

Three Steps to a Safe Loading Bay

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