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March 30, 2023

6 Tips For Maintaining a Safe & Productive Loading Bay

Safe the loading bay is one of the most important issues for logistics companies. The loading bay is an essential component of many industrial and commercial facilities, serving as a hub for the movement of goods between trucks and warehouses or storage areas. However, loading bays can also be a source of potential hazards and safety concerns. According to ISHN, it is estimated […]


March 10, 2023

Sentric Safety Group Acquires Zonegreen

Sentric Safety Group announces today it has acquired Zonegreen. Headquartered in Sheffield, United Kingdom, Zonegreen develops technologies, software and services that make working in rail depots safer and more efficient. Controlled remotely, these technologies protect lives by ensuring vehicles don’t move unless it is safe to do so. Zonegreen’s products are used by rail customers […]


February 23, 2023

Benefits of Automation for Logistics Companies

The benefits of automation for logistics companies is a major issue and challenge for companies in the sector. Keeping employees, customers, and infrastructure safe is one of the most important aspects of a safety manager, safety officer, or EHS manager’s job. This is even more so when it comes to transportation and storage. One way […]


February 9, 2023

Protecting the Precast Concrete Industry with Safety Solutions that Withstand the Harshest Environments

Did you know that electrical and struck-by incidents are rated the TOP FOUR DEADLIEST hazards in the construction industry per OSHA?  Working in the concrete industry introduces safety hazards that place workers in danger and put their lives at risk.  Safety solutions must be robust enough to withstand the harsh environment of the precast manufacturing […]


February 2, 2023

How to Prevent Tanker Pull-Aways at Gangway Loading Platform

What is a gangway loading platform? Industries such as oil & gas, food & beverage, chemical, and agriculture require goods to be transported by tanker truck. Commonly, these vehicles carry granular or liquid goods like fuel, flour, sugar, or plastics. These types of goods require specialized procedures to unload and load their goods. When a […]


October 13, 2022

We are Sentric Group

  We are proud to announce that we have become a part of the Sentric Group.   The Sentric Group is a collection of sister companies representing the successful collaboration between Castell, Kirk and STI,  under Halma plc. Through Sentric, we unite the world’s leading brands to create the long-term protection of people, productivity and business […]