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27th November 2020

The benefits of TKI and where it wins

Definition  Trapped key interlocking has been keeping people safe from hazardous environments for over 100 years. It ensures that a pre-determined process is followed and cannot be circumvented or short cut. The transfer of uniquely coded keys ensures that personnel remain safe regardless of where they are operating on the site.  An isolation key is used to control the process and remains trapped in the isolator/key switch whilst the machine […]


29th October 2020

The impact of coronavirus on the logistics industry

Changes for Logistics & Warehouses due to Coronavirus  The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has undoubtedly had an impact on all sectors globally. The logistics industry in particular has proved critical at this time, but has also been affected by the circumstances created by COVID-19, undergoing significant changes and facing several challenges. There has been an enormous […]


24th September 2020

Switchgear control using trapped key interlocking

In this article, we will discuss how trapped key interlocking is implemented within switchgear control whilst maintaining system integrity. Factors such as aging infrastructure, technological advancements, lack of investment, demands for cleaner and reliable ever-present energy, have significantly altered the scenery of the energy sector with switchgear systems becoming increasingly complex. Switchgear systems can utilise or involve […]


3rd August 2020

Access Control in the Energy Sector

Access control refers to ways of controlling who can safely enter a hazardous area, usually involving machinery and electrical equipment, which can differ from one sector to another. In industrial environments there may only be one motor or machine that needs to be isolated before entering the hazardous area, whereas in the energy sector access […]


1st July 2020

The changing landscape of warehouse safety

Warehouse & logistics white paper Castell Safety has 95 years of experience in industrial safety across a wide range of sectors such as food manufacturing, waste & recycling, and warehousing. Recently, we have made use of this expertise and knowledge to produce a white paper on the changing landscape of warehouse safety in the UK. […]


10th June 2020

How to improve safety and reduce risk in waste & recycling industry

The waste and recycling industry in 2020 continues to strive to meet the increasing demand for processing waste. Each year, it is estimated that the UK generates over 40 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste. The UK waste & recycling industry is working towards meeting EU targets of recycling 50% of household waste and […]