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5th August 2021

Data Centre UPS Systems with TKI Solutions

Data Centre UPS Systems with TKI Solutions Continuous, uninterrupted power is critical to our infrastructure. Everything we do is dependent on power, and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize more than even how our lives are impacted by the need for constant data and connectivity. Increased online businesses, home offices, and online […]


19th April 2021

Castell Creates Simple 5 Step Guide on How to Use IoT to Set Efficiency Goals for the Loading Bay

Castell Creates Simple 5 Step Guide on How to Use IoT to Set Efficiency Goals for the Loading Bay The Internet of things (IOT) finds application in several industries including warehousing & logistics. Yet, the use of IoT at the loading bay remains limited. A lack of data around loading bay activities and operations make […]


7th April 2021

Maximising Loading Bay Capacity and the Benefits that Follow

Pressure to Increase Throughput Manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities around the world are faced with the constant pressure to increase production and throughput to meet consumers growing demand for goods. Some facilities do this in a variety of ways such as introducing automated equipment into their manufacturing processes to reduce the amount of time to […]


8th March 2021

Castell Digitises Existing Salvo Loading Bay Safety System

New Salvo InSite Platform Transforms Loading Bay Through Data Analytics

Castell Digitises Existing Salvo Loading Bay Safety System  New Salvo InSite Platform Transforms Loading Bays Through Data Analytics London, United Kingdom – Castell Safety International Company introduced their first digital product, Salvo InSite, as part of their Salvo Logistic Solutions product range.  The Salvo InSite platform digitises Castell’s Salvo Loading Bay Safety System, currently in use at tens of thousands of bays around the world. The new development launches Castell into the digital product arena with a web-based software application that allows the company to provide optimised productivity as […]


22nd February 2021

Halma named Britain’s Most Admired Company 2020

Halma plc, the British global group of life-saving technology companies has been named Britain’s Most Admired Company 2020. The group has topped the list following its 7th place last year, whilst maintaining its number 1 spot in the Engineering sector.  This award is a great collective achievement denoting the dedication and commitment across all Halma businesses and demonstrating how the group’s clear purpose, consistent strategy and focus on things […]


1st February 2021

Standards and Directives related to Trapped Key Interlocking (TKI)

Definitions   ISO standards have always been viewed as guidance of best practice. The standards have been formalised to improve process, products and services to make them safer, more reliable to a set of benchmarked and measurable standards. A standard is usually established through consensus and collective work of a work group who have best industry knowledge and expertise […]