Protecting the Precast Concrete Industry with Safety Solutions that Withstand the Harshest Environments

Did you know that electrical and struck-by incidents are rated the TOP FOUR DEADLIEST hazards in the construction industry per OSHA? 

Working in the concrete industry introduces safety hazards that place workers in danger and put their lives at risk.  Safety solutions must be robust enough to withstand the harsh environment of the precast manufacturing plants.  To ensure worker safety throughout the cement manufacturing process, there are several applications where the robust trapped key interlock products from Castell can be implemented and you can be assured that the products will perform through the test of time.  

Did you also know that 18% of worker fatalities are within the construction industry?

There are several maintenance & operation applications that require power to be properly isolated and safeguarded to ensure safe access only once hazards have been eliminated. Electrical and stuck-by hazards can be mitigated by implementing a trapped key interlock solution by driving a pre-determined sequence of operations that isolates power and guards against areas that may contain energized equipment and moving cranes and or product. 

Eliminating the TOP FOUR would save 500 lives in America every year! (Top Four: Falls, Struck-by, Electrocutions, Caught-in/between)

While LOTO provides a visual warning and identifies hazards, a trapped key interlock safety solution physically prevents a specific set of actions from being performed until previous action(s) have been fully completed! This Precast Concrete series will discuss hazards within specific applications and how trapped key interlock solutions can prevent injury and ensure that there is NO COMPROMISE ON SAFETY!   

Download the pdf version of the Precast Concrete Application Series focusing on how trapped key interlocking solutions can help mitigate human error, eliminate risks and prevent injuries within a block & tile production cell. 

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