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Product Usage: Padlocks

Numbering to "Differ"

To give an improved service, at no extra cost, Iso-Lok can guarantee that padlock locking mechanisms do "differ". Using our simple system of numbering padlock body and keys and registering these numbers in our customer service department, we can avoid using the same numbers on subsequent orders. If, for security reasons, you don't wish the locking number to appear we can still apply the same system for you.

Using the same procedure and in addition to supplying padlocks "to differ", we supply:

Padlocks all "keyed alike" (to pass) Padlocks "master keyed" (mastered and differed) Padlocks with chain attached

This registration of numbers enables us to quickly identify locking mechanisms previously supplied if duplications are required at a later date.

Iso-Lok Keying Options:

Iso-Lok offers three basic keying options with it's safety systems.

Padlocks to Differ

Each padlock has a unique locking mechanism and it's own key. One person cannot open another person's padlock. 50,000 Differs available

Keyed Alike

Each padlock is supplied with the same locking mechanism. One key will open any lock.

Master and Differ

Each padlock has a unique locking mechanism and it's own key. The additional master key will override any of the locks. 8 suites of 1000 locks available

Iso-Lok Padlocks are supplied with two keys each as standard, further keys are available at extra cost.


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