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Catalog - Key Exchange Units - W [Key Exchange Selector Box]
W The W type key exchange unit is designed to form part of an integrated safety system linking machine control and access interlocks. The key exchange is configured to trap and release keys in a pre-determined sequence, depending on the operating requirements of the safety interlocking system.

The box allows customers to specify multiple key release sequences not possible with other types of key exchange boxes. By using a selector knob, you can rotate the knob through up to six different positions. This allows specific keys to be released in sequence, depending on the keys already positioned in the box. Keys can only be removed once the knob is in the position granting their removal.

Due to its complexity, Castell is happy to assist in the design of the overall system. We take into account the numerous key positions required to sequentially interlock the required process or objective.

In all cases, the use of a key exchange box forms part of the integrated solution to machinery safety - Access to the machine.

Depending on the number of access points requiring control, this box would work in conjunction with Access interlocks and key switches (Powersafe).
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