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Castell Safety - Trapped Key Safety Interlocks, Lockout Tagout Equipment and Drive-away Prevention
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Castell launches world’s first Digital Exchange Box

New product addresses growing complexity in switchgear and guarding applications Castell, a leader in trapped key interlocking technology, has launched the first digital key exchange box. The Digital Exchange Box has been developed to address growing complexity in modern switchgear and guarding applications. The product can be configured to release any number of keys in […] [Read more]

30 Nov 2017
Castell highlighting Salvo warehouse safety range at Health & Safety North

Industrial safety specialist will also display trapped key interlocking technology Castell will be focusing on its Salvo range of drive-away prevention products for the logistics industry at Health & Safety North 2017. The company will also be displaying its trapped key interlocking technology, which safeguards workers and assets in all types of industries. Salvo prevents […] [Read more]

19 Sep 2017
New Castell MD wants to increase the speed of change

Neil Webster plans investment to fuel growth and NPD New Castell managing director Neil Webster wants the company to capitalise on its standing in the industrial safety sector by injecting a sense of urgency into how it operates. “Castell has huge credibility as a brand,” said Neil. “It’s time we took that authority and upped […] [Read more]

28 Jun 2017
Castell joins CPD Certification Service

Training material for switchgear and loading industries now available Castell has become a certified member of The CPD Certification Service. Continuing professional development (CPD) is used by companies to build awareness of the value of training & development in order to remain successful in the workplace. By 2017 every professionally-registered engineer will have to be […] [Read more]

01 Jul 2016
Castell launches new Salvo™ loading bay safety system for leased warehouses

Latest SML-EI system requires minimal footprint and installation Castell has launched a cost-effective new version of its Salvo™ loading bay safety system, designed specifically for customers who have leased warehouses. Quick and easy installation is crucial in leased warehouses, due to landlord restrictions and future relocations. All equipment must be able to be easily transferred […] [Read more]

29 Apr 2016
Five ways trapped key interlocks protect tanker loading and unloading

Loading and unloading tankers carries significant risk. Procedures are often complicated, particularly when earth lines and valve systems are involved. Drivers have to consider variables such as load characteristics, the frequency of vehicle movement and the number of products to be loaded or unloaded. Potential issues include: • “Drive-aways” while tankers are connected to equipment […] [Read more]

26 Jan 2016
Industrial safety: the true cost of cost-saving

Reducing costs is a priority for businesses around the world. The traditional view of safety is that it reduces efficiency and costs too much to implement. If safety devices are susceptible to environmental degradation and can be defeated, so the thinking goes, do they have any real value? In fact, creating a well-designed safety system […] [Read more]

13 Oct 2015
Castell safeguards maintenance operations on Bombardier trains

Customised trapped key interlocks protect workers by ensuring power remains isolated Industrial safety specialist Castell has supplied a customised trapped key interlocking system to Bombardier Transportation to safeguard shore supply maintenance operations on ELECTROSTAR trains. The safety system is fitted to all Bombardier ELECTROSTAR trains, produced for Southern Railways, South Eastern Trains and c2c. “Castell […] [Read more]

17 Aug 2015
Loading dock safety: what do you need to consider?

The risks The risks posed by loading dock operations can vary dramatically from site to site, and even from bay to bay, depending on the specific circumstances involved. As with other areas of the business, the risks need to be determined by regular assessments before safety plans are developed. There are six common causes of […] [Read more]

08 Jun 2015
How trapped key interlocking protects workers at HV substations

Interlocking switchgear within HV substations ensures that personnel operate equipment safely, according to the correct procedures. Using a well-designed trapped key interlocking scheme will prevent personnel accessing potentially dangerous areas before the switchgear system has been put into a safe condition. A good interlocking scheme will also ensure that the system functions correctly, so that […] [Read more]

29 May 2015
Switchgear and protection: trapped key interlocking vs LOTO

There are two potential options when considering a mechanical safety system for switchgear applications. The choice is between a trapped key interlocking system or a padlock-based lock-out / tag-out (LOTO) system. Both systems: Provide a method of isolating switchgear. Allow safe personnel access when maintenance of machinery is required. Are available in full stainless steel […] [Read more]

23 Apr 2015
How trapped key interlocking protects switchgear workers

The ability to work across HV, MV and LV switchgear means that a trapped key interlocking system can be used as a single solution to provide personnel safety and ensure equipment is used in the correct way. Major switchgear manufacturers recognise the safety benefits that trapped key interlocks provide and design equipment to be able […] [Read more]

12 Mar 2015
Castell supplies safety interlocks to large hydropower project in China

More than 5bn yuan invested in new plant in Xianju In a first for the company, Castell is participating in the construction of a Chinese hydropower plant. Castell will provide multiple sets of FS industrial safety interlocks and key exchange boxes for the large project currently under construction in Xianju, Zhejiang province. These devices prevent […] [Read more]

09 Jan 2015
Castell launches new heavy-duty access interlocks to protect workers in heavy industries

AI-HD and AIE-HD withstand high potential loads and high frequency of use Castell has launched heavy-duty access interlocks for use in industries such as waste and recycling, aggregates, steel and chemical processing. The AI-HD and AIE-HD have been designed to deliver robust performance where there are high potential loads and a high frequency of use. […] [Read more]

11 Dec 2014
How trapped key safety systems make cement mixing more efficient

Concrete production is big business in the UK, with around 1,000 ready-mix sites and a large number of facilities producing precast concrete structures. In these environments fast, safe access to the mixer is important as set concrete can easily cause blockages if not regularly washed down. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s ‘Health and […] [Read more]

10 Dec 2014
Castell supplies safety interlocks to Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant

FS interlocks and key exchange boxes provided for Phase II project Castell is to supply interlocking systems to the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Phase II project under construction in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province, China. Tianwan is the nuclear power plant with the highest unit capacity in China. To date, it is the largest joint technical and […] [Read more]

28 Nov 2014
Two ways trapped key interlocks can help to achieve Target Zero in the quarrying industry

The HSE describes quarrying as “one of the most dangerous industries to work in”. Nearly 3,500 UK workers have suffered an injury reportable to the HSE since 2000, a figure that includes 29 fatalities. Between 2000 and 2010, the Hard Target initiative led to a reduction in RIDDOR-reportable injuries in quarries by 76%. The initiative involved […] [Read more]

24 Oct 2014
Seven reasons to choose safety interlocks for MV and LV switchgear systems

The risks surrounding the operation of electrical switchgear systems are defined in detail and mitigating these is an important aspect of any health and safety policy. As set out by regulatory bodies like the HSE, in publications such as Electrical Switchgear Safety (INDG373), there are a number of important factors to consider. These are well […] [Read more]

25 Sep 2014
Plant maintenance and safety interlocks – myths and facts

In a recent article entitled “Unsafe Maintenance”, Judith Hackitt, chair of the UK’s Health and Safety Executive, examined some of the reasons why so many serious accidents and even fatalities continue to occur within processes related to the maintenance of machinery and equipment. Judith identified several common attitudes, concerns or faults which can ultimately lead […] [Read more]

01 Aug 2014
Castell provides safety interlocks to Zambia’s largest power station

ZESCO chooses British firm as partner for Kariba North Bank extension project Industrial safety specialist Castell has provided several K Locks and key exchanges boxes to the Kariba hydropower station North Bank extension project in Zambia. Photo caption: Castell’s interlocks, installed in Zambia’s Kariba hydropower station more than 50 years ago, are still performing well […] [Read more]

25 Jul 2014
Trapped key interlocks vs light curtains in the food industry

In all industries it is important to balance the demand for safety with the need for fast access to machinery. The latter is vital in the food industry, for several reasons: The need to easily and hygienically clean the production environment. The impact on downtime of repetitively cleaning electronic systems. The requirement to clean all […] [Read more]

26 Jun 2014
How figure symbol trapped key interlocks improve efficiency in the food industry

After safety, the most important area of focus in the food industry is the efficiency of a production line. Ensuring that deliveries meet the demanding schedules set out by retailers is key to maintaining and growing market share for food producers in every market. It is widely understood that trapped key interlocks, by enforcing procedures, […] [Read more]

20 May 2014
Food manufacturer improves warehouse safety with Salvo™

Greencore installs drive-away prevention system at four UK sites Leading convenience foods manufacturer Greencore has installed Castell’s drive-away prevention system Salvo™ at four UK sites. The interlocking device is providing loading bay safety at Greencore’s Kiveton, Warrington, Wisbech and Park Royal facilities. Part of the risk assessment process identified a potential for a drive-away from […] [Read more]

10 Apr 2014
The top five ways trapped key interlocks protect workers in the food industry

Trapped key interlocks provide fast, safe and reliable access to machinery, prevent shortcuts and enforce procedures. This is achieved through the transfer of keys as the process is stopped or started. The repetitive wash-down procedures common to the food industry can affect the reliability of electrical safety devices, but the rugged, mechanical nature of trapped […] [Read more]

27 Jan 2014
Castell hosts 2013 channel partner forum

Event helps ensure customers worldwide get latest technical advice As part of its global sales growth strategy, Castell Safety International recently hosted a forum for its network of international distribution, or channel, partners. The event saw channel partners receive training in the principles of trapped key interlocking, undertake a manufacturing facility tour and attend presentations […] [Read more]

19 Dec 2013
Safety interlocking manufacturer appoints new distributor in West Africa

Wined Resources will distribute full Castell Safety International product range British safety interlocking manufacturer Castell Safety International has agreed a new distribution partnership with Wined Resources, a prominent specialist distributor of safety equipment in Nigeria. The new partnership marks the first time Castell products have been made available through a distributor in West Africa. A […] [Read more]

19 Nov 2013
Castell launches new spring-loaded interlock

KSP more efficient than traditional bolt interlocks Castell has launched a new spring-loaded lock, the KSP, to increase efficiency in traditional bolt interlock applications. The KSP is a spring-loaded version of the Castell K lock, and uses an internal spring to automatically extend the lock’s bolt to its fullest extent when circumstances permit. The key-operated […] [Read more]

31 Oct 2013
How trapped key interlocks can ensure the long-term safety of electrostatic precipitators

The hazards of electrostatic precipitators in power generation are well known. High-voltage current, confined spaces and the respiratory risk of fly ash all put workers in potential danger. These issues are compounded by infrequent access and harsh environmental conditions. This is why selecting a trapped key safety system that provides protection for many years is […] [Read more]

02 Oct 2013
NSK improves loading bay safety at Netherlands warehouse

Castell’s Salvo™ also protecting staff at UK facility NSK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial and automotive components, has chosen Castell’s drive-away prevention system Salvo™ to protect staff at its warehouse in Tilburg, Netherlands. NSK’s huge facility distributes more than 4,000 pallets a month across the whole of Europe and North Africa. Customers […] [Read more]

27 Sep 2013
Castell’s new range of padlocks now even safer

Improved differ code delivers higher level of complexity Castell has launched an enhanced version of its Iso-Lok padlock range. The new range features a more complex differ code system, increasing the overall safety level offered to customers. Castell’s tracking system already ensures that each padlock supplied to a site is unique. This removes the issue […] [Read more]

07 Aug 2013
Five ways trapped key interlocks can protect people in the waste industry

Safety in the waste and recycling industry is a key focus of the HSE. The recent Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum blueprint (PDF), produced with the HSE, highlights the sector’s potential dangers and sets out a road map to reduce risk and improve safety knowledge in the industry. Here are five reasons why […] [Read more]

09 Jul 2013
Safety interlocking guide improves efficiency in waste and recycling industries

Castell’s new brochure informed by 90 years’ experience of high-risk sector Castell has produced a new interlocking guide for the waste and recycling sector. The guide suggests ways in which customers in those industries can safely interlock their particular application, ensuring that personnel are protected while operations remain efficient. The application guide can be downloaded […] [Read more]

10 Jun 2013
New switchgear interlocking application guide facilitates selection

Switchgear safety specialist Castell has released a new application guide for switchgear interlocking that makes it easier to understand and choose interlocks for a wide variety of customer applications. The guide covers the following industrial applications: earthing systems; high-, medium- and low-voltage hazards; switching incomers onto common supply busbars; switching UPS systems and generators on […] [Read more]

20 May 2013
Fyffes chooses Salvo™ for UK distribution centres

Fyffes, one of the leading importers and distributors of tropical produce, has installed Castell’s Salvo™ drive-away prevention system at its UK distribution centres. Salvo™ is now protecting loading and unloading operations at the company’s Livingston, Wakefield, Coventry and Basingstoke sites – a total of 31 loading bays. “The Salvo™ system is simple, robust and secure, […] [Read more]

22 Mar 2013
Bonmarché banishes drive-aways with Salvo™

Clothing retailer invests in interlocking system to improve warehouse safety Bonmarché, the UK’s largest value womenswear retailer for women aged 50+ years, has improved the safety of its loading and unloading operations with the adoption of Castell’s Salvo™. The interlocking drive-away prevention system has been installed on all seven loading bays at Bonmarché’s Grange Moor […] [Read more]

28 Feb 2013
Castell makes selecting MBV interlock easier

Selection form enables Modular Ball Valve to be tailored to customer requirements Castell has developed a new Modular Ball Valve (MBV) selection system, available immediately, which enables all MBV products to be tailored to customer requirements. The new system allows potential customers to receive a complete, accurate and guaranteed price for their MBV product before […] [Read more]

14 Jan 2013
New restraint prevents rigid vehicle drive-aways

Salvo™ Chock now quicker and easier to use Industrial safety specialist Castell has redesigned Salvo™ Chock, its interlocking wheel chock, to improve its technical specifications and operational performance. Castell’s design team has gone back to the drawing board to create a restraint for rigid vehicles that can satisfy the demanding conditions of the loading yard. […] [Read more]

14 Dec 2012
Castell celebrates 90 years of industrial safety

Industrial safety specialist Castell has celebrated 90 years of protecting people and assets worldwide. Photo caption: (l-r) Sheena Shah, Kishore Pisavadia, Chris McDonald, Mike Ganesh, Neil Thakor and Jim Dilks with their long-service awards When James ‘Harry’ Castell formed the company in 1922, the health and safety industry was in embryonic form; it would be […] [Read more]

19 Oct 2012
Castell forges new partnership with Kempston Controls

Kempston now supplying Castell’s full range of trapped key interlocks Castell Safety International is pleased to announce a new and exclusive distribution partnership with Kempston Controls, a leading specialist distributor of electrical and electronic components. Kempston has over 70 years’ experience supplying OEMs, panel builders and end users throughout the UK. Photo caption: (l-r) Symon […] [Read more]

10 Sep 2012
Salvo™ DockMonitor maximises loading dock efficiency

System displays real-time site performance and individual dock statistics Industrial safety specialist Castell has developed a data-gathering and analysis device to maximise loading dock efficiency. Salvo™ DockMonitor combines the Salvo™ safety system, a data-gathering device and a live graphical interface running on a PC to display overall site performance or individual dock statistics. The system’s […] [Read more]

24 Aug 2012
Castell and Traka produce intelligent loading bay safety system

DockSafe prevents accidental driveaways and offers complete end-to-end audit trail Industrial safety specialist Castell and access control expert Traka have joined forces to create DockSafe, an intelligent loading bay safety system. DockSafe uses Traka’s immobiliser system to control access both to the loading bay and Castell’s Salvo™ Susie mechanical locking device. Since only authorised users […] [Read more]

16 Jul 2012
New catalogue facilitates customer product understanding and selection

Castell has launched a 72-page product catalogue for its main product range of trapped key interlocks, which are typically used with machine guarding and in the switchgear industry. The catalogue is designed to facilitate product, and system, understanding and selection. There are three factors to consider when designing a trapped key interlocking system: the power […] [Read more]

29 Jun 2012
Castell improves manufacturing process to reduce delivery times

Company wins Halma Manufacturing Excellence award for 2012 Castell has redesigned its manufacturing process to increase flexibility and reduce delivery times. As a result, the company has received the Manufacturing Excellence award for 2012 from its parent company Halma, beating off competition from 40 other Halma subsidiaries. Photo caption: Geoff Unwin (left), Halma’s Chairman, presents […] [Read more]

29 May 2012
Castell improves delivery times and safety rating with new UPS systems interlock

Multi-voltage and solenoid-controlled KSUPS+ safeguards uninterruptible power supply systems Castell, currently celebrating its 90th birthday, has launched a new multi-voltage interlock primarily for use with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. The KSUPS+ is a solenoid-controlled trapped key interlock that only permits access to a UPS system once the system has been put into a safe […] [Read more]

10 Apr 2012
Castell introduces unique web shop for safety interlocking industry

In a first for the safety interlocking industry, industrial safety specialist Castell Safety International Ltd has launched a web shop with unique functionality, Porta Castell (www.porta.castell.com). Porta Castell is an online facility that allows customers to order not only Iso-Lok lock-out / tag-out products and replacement FS keys, but now selected trapped key interlocks and […] [Read more]

02 Apr 2012
New datasheets simplify product selection and reduce order processing times

Wealth of information enables customers to choose products more accurately Castell Safety International Ltd has updated its product datasheets to help customers order products in the quickest and most efficient manner. The full and revised set of datasheets show product operation, usage, installation, technical details, drawings, application notes and ordering information in a consistent format. […] [Read more]

29 Feb 2012
Castell appoints sales manager for southern England

Castell has appointed Paul Roberts as its new area sales manager for southern England. Paul has twenty years’ experience in the automation sector, working for large Japanese, American and Swiss organisations. He holds a Higher National Certificate in engineering and a National Vocational Qualification in engineering manufacture. “I am really looking forward to working at […] [Read more]

02 Feb 2012
New Salvo™ Control Panel+ improves operational performance and installation time

Castell has launched a new control panel for its Salvo range of drive-away prevention products. Suitable for use with automatic and manual loading bay doors, Salvo Control Panel+ (SCP+) is easier both to use and install. Fast, safe access is an important issue in the loading bay environment. The Salvo system, as reported by existing […] [Read more]

18 Jan 2012
New website facilitates lockout / tagout purchase

Entire Iso-Lok range now available to order online Castell has made its complete Iso-Lok range of lockout / tagout products available for purchase online. Customers can order padlocks, multi-clasps and accessories from a new website at http://porta.castell.com. This replaces the old website, which could be found at www.iso-lok.com. Aside from new locks, replacement padlocks can […] [Read more]

30 Nov 2011
New Salvo™ Susie improves operational speed and performance

Industrial safety specialist Castell has developed a new Susie lock for its Salvo™ range of drive-away prevention products. The redesigned Salvo™ Susie features an ergonomic grip that enables the lock to be fitted to and removed from an articulated trailer’s emergency air line coupling more efficiently, especially in wet and cold conditions. This is in […] [Read more]

26 Oct 2011
New sales manager for central England

Castell Safety International Ltd has appointed Ed Smith as its new area sales manager for central England. Ed joins Castell from industrial panel and partition systems manufacturer Troax UK, where he initially spent five years handling internal technical sales before being promoted to business development manager for the company’s automation and robotics division. Reflecting on […] [Read more]

26 Sep 2011
Castell appoints new product development director

Castell Safety International Ltd has appointed Paul Marks as its new product development director. Castell has chosen to expand and strengthen the NPD team following a record year to April 2011. Paul joins Castell form SMAC Corporation, where he was director and general manager, Europe. He holds a first class degree in mechanical engineering and […] [Read more]

06 Jul 2011
Trapped key interlocks improve productivity at Uniq

Leading food-to-go manufacturer Uniq Prepared Foods has virtually eliminated downtime from the bacon-slicing process at its facility in Northampton, thanks to a trapped key interlocking system from Castell. As part of its continuous improvement programme, Uniq replaced the electrical safety switches on its bacon slicer with a panel-mounted KSSE20 multi-key solenoid-controlled switch and four AI […] [Read more]

05 Jul 2011
Baosteel protecting personnel with Castell’s trapped key interlocks

– Shanghai steel plant safeguarding electrostatic plating process – Baosteel, the largest steel manufacturer in China and the second largest in the world, is entrusting the safety of personnel at its Shanghai plant to trapped key interlocking systems from Castell. Many steel plants in China still rely on warning signs to remind employees of recommended […] [Read more]

11 May 2011
Prevent fail-to-danger with the new KSD+ power isolator

Castell, a provider of industrial safety components for over 90 years, has redesigned the electrical isolator to prevent component failure leading to malfunction. The KSD+ is a new trapped key interlock power isolator, suitable for 3-phase currents from 32 amps to 250 amps, which dramatically increases safety protection over conventional designs, preventing fail-to-danger. Designed to […] [Read more]

10 Mar 2011
Tesco chooses Salvo for all UK distribution centres

– Driveaway-prevention system to be installed at 24 DCs in total – Tesco is to install Castell’s driveaway-prevention system, Salvo, at all of its distribution centres in the UK. The installation will be carried out by Rowland Door Services. The supermarket chain has decided to entrust the well-being of its warehouse personnel to Salvo following […] [Read more]

02 Feb 2011
Castell introduces new key exchange unit

– Fully welded design reduces potential food traps – Castell Safety International has developed a new X-type key exchange unit featuring an extremely robust design that minimises potential food traps. The exchange unit has been designed to be both ergonomic and durable. The enclosure is now fully welded, offering increased rigidity. Newly designed locks, relocated […] [Read more]

06 Dec 2010
Channel partner forum will facilitate knowledge sharing

Castell Safety International’s channel partners, which include distributors and agents across Europe, will be joining Castell on the 30th November and 1st December for the first European Channel Partner Forum, which will be held in London, England. The purpose of the forum is to share knowledge between participants on applications and industry trends and examine […] [Read more]

26 Nov 2010
Boiler manufacturer relies on resilient safety interlocks

– Castell’s products withstand demanding operating conditions at Ideal Heating – Leading domestic and industrial boiler manufacturer Ideal Heating has upgraded safety procedures at its Hull site with the introduction of interlocking systems from Castell. The heating specialist has installed safety switches and access interlocks on ten machines in its foundry blowing area. The blowing […] [Read more]

05 Nov 2010
New key differ database improves Iso-Lok efficiency

Castell Safety International has launched an improved and more efficient padlock differ recording database for its Iso-Lok range of lockout tagout (LOTO) products. The Iso-Lok padlock range is designed to uphold the integrity of the user’s LOTO safety system by guaranteeing that each padlock on any one site is unique – that each one ‘differs’ […] [Read more]

04 Nov 2010
Castell appoints TSA as new distributor for the Netherlands and Belgium

Castell Safety International has appointed TSA as its new and exclusive distributor for the Netherlands and Belgium. TSA now has access to the full Castell product range, including trapped key interlocks, warehouse loading-bay safety system Salvo and the Iso-Lok lock-out / tag-out range. TSA focuses on the safety market in the Netherlands and Belgium, and […] [Read more]

13 Sep 2010
Castell introduces new stainless steel trapped key switch

– IP65 rating makes Salus20 suitable for the food industry and harsh environments – Castell Safety International has developed the Salus20, a new trapped key isolator switch capable of switching 20 amps. The switch is designed for use in trapped key interlocking systems and is a new addition to the Salus family, which also includes […] [Read more]

29 Mar 2010
Salvo improves loading bay safety for Vitacress

Vitacress, one of the UK’s leading growers, packers and distributors of high quality salads, has chosen Castell’s driveaway prevention system Salvo to protect warehouse staff at its Amesbury facility. Following a couple of incidents in which drivers departed from loading bays with loaders still inside the trailer, management at Amesbury decided that it needed to […] [Read more]

19 Mar 2010
Castell opens factory in China

Industrial safety specialist Castell has opened a manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China. Castell’s managing director, Tim Whelan, attended the official opening ceremony in October 2009. (l-r): Judy Jia (administrative assistant), Tim Whelan (managing director), Wendy Wang (purchasing manager), Martin Zhang (director Halma China), Connie Zhang (administrative assistant) Castell Safety China achieved its business licence in […] [Read more]

01 Feb 2010
Dairy Crest improves loading bay safety with Salvo

Dairy Crest, the UK’s leading chilled dairy foods company, is protecting loading bay personnel at two sites with Castell’s interlocking driveaway prevention system, Salvo. “Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s the best system we’ve found,” commented Martin O’Brien, health & safety manager at Dairy Crest’s Fenstanton dairy. Martin became aware of Salvo thanks to […] [Read more]

12 Nov 2009
New safety interlock fits any industrial door

Castell Safety International Ltd has launched Salus, a new trapped key access interlock suitable for any type of industrial door. Salus is a genuine innovation in trapped key safety interlocking technology thanks to its unique and patent protected high-integrity locking mechanism. Aside from a high level of safety, the key benefits of Salus include reduced […] [Read more]

08 Sep 2009
Safety interlocks now available much more quickly

New manufacturing approach has dramatically reduced lead times Industrial safety specialist Castell has adopted an innovative manufacturing process to improve efficiency and benefit end-users, machine builders and distributors alike. The company is the first in the interlocking sector to implement end coding, which allows standard products to be coded at the final, rather than initial, […] [Read more]

01 Sep 2009
Arla installs Salvo at third site

Leeds dairy latest to entrust warehouse safety to interlocking system Arla Foods, the UK’s leading supplier of fresh milk and cream, has installed Castell’s Salvo on 16 loading bays at its state-of-the-art dairy in Leeds. The facility handles between 100 and 200 vehicle movements a day and is the third Arla site to have entrusted […] [Read more]

17 Jul 2009
Salvo expands into supermarket sector

Netto, one of the UK’s fastest growing supermarkets, has installed Castell’s driveaway prevention system Salvo at its distribution centres in Pontefract and Daventry, safeguarding a total of 53 loading bays. “It’s worked very, very well,” explained Mark Glover, warehouse and distribution manager at Pontefract. “Castell’s rep came to show the loading team how the system […] [Read more]

22 Apr 2009
Graham & Brown improves warehouse safety with Salvo

Graham & Brown, the UK’s leading wallpaper manufacturer, is protecting warehouse staff at its Padiham distribution centre, near Blackburn, with Castell’s driveaway prevention system Salvo. The 136,000 square foot site dispatches an average of 45,000 cartons, or 500,000 rolls of wallpaper, a week. Following a driveaway incident from which a loader escaped without serious injury, […] [Read more]

03 Mar 2009
Castell presents Salvo to FLTA Safety Conference

Industrial safety specialist Castell presented its driveaway prevention system Salvo to the Fork Lift Truck Association’s Safety Conference at Warwick University on 25th September 2008.  Jason Reed, Castell’s UK sales manager, spoke on the company’s behalf. Jason highlighted the need for a product like Salvo by referring to the Health and Safety Executive’s estimation that […] [Read more]

27 Nov 2008
New Iso-Lok Doc Combo board launched

The Doc Combo combines the features of a lockable document holder with those of a safety lockout station and group lockout box. Securely keeping both the permit to work documents and lockout equipment in the same unit, all aspects of lockout safety can now be controlled and monitored from one central location. Up to 5 […] [Read more]

29 Jul 2008
Salvo now quicker and easier to install

Industrial safety specialist Castell has revamped its Salvo range of driveaway-prevention products with third-party installers and distributors in mind. The most significant new product to be introduced is a plug-and-play control panel.  The PCB-based, software-programmable device is multi-voltage and able to power external traffic lights and beacons, greatly simplifying and speeding up the installation process. […] [Read more]

13 Jun 2008
Founder’s granddaughter reminds Castell of its past

Industrial safety specialist Castell has been reminded of its company history by a visit from the founder’s granddaughter. Anthea Hartley arrived at Castell’s headquarters in Kingsbury, north London, on 25 April 2008, to unveil a restored photo of her grandfather, James Harry Castell.  She was then given a guided tour of the factory by managing […] [Read more]

03 Jun 2008
Salvo installed at second Cummins site

The world’s largest independent manufacturer of diesel engines has demonstrated its faith in Castell’s Salvo by installing the driveaway-prevention system at a second UK site.  Cummins Ltd has now adopted Salvo at its Darlington site, following a recommendation from the company’s Daventry facility. “It’s failsafe,” says Gary Summerson, Warehouse & Receiving Manager at Darlington, of […] [Read more]

29 Apr 2008
Salvo saving bacon at Pork Farms

Pork Farms, one of the UK’s leading bakeries, has chosen to protect its employees from the threat of driveaways by investing in Castell’s Salvo.  The safety system has been installed on all four loading bays at Pork Farm’s Palethorpes site in Shropshire, which handles an average of 130 vehicles per week. “Salvo is easy to […] [Read more]

03 Mar 2008
Castell appoints marketing manager in China

Castell has recently appointed Ms Nie Shaofeng (Sally Nie) as its marketing manager for China.  Based in Shanghai, she will be responsible for sales and marketing strategy and development in the region. Before joining Castell, Sally worked as the marketing manager of Spraying Systems Co., the world leader in spray technology.  Her main responsibilities there […] [Read more]

25 Jan 2008
Salvo the natural choice for Copella

Copella Fruit Juices, part of PepsiCo, is the latest food industry member to invest in Salvo, Castell’s drive-away prevention system.  The innovative safety device has been fitted to both loading bays at Copella’s factory in Boxford, Suffolk, safeguarding 50 deliveries per week. The natural fruit juice company felt it unnecessary to consider any rival loading-bay-safety […] [Read more]

04 Dec 2007
New interlocking wheel chock safeguards rigids and semi-trailers

Industrial-safety specialist Castell has added a UK version of Salvo Chock to its Salvo range of drive-away prevention systems.  Used in combination with the EU model, the new unit removes the risk of drive-aways occurring during loading operations involving all rigid vehicles or semi-trailers. Salvo Chock introduces discipline into the chocking procedure by interlocking the […] [Read more]

01 Nov 2007
Safety specialists unveils new website

Castell Iso-Lok has unveiled a brand new website, including a fully-stocked online shop for the easy purchasing of their Lock-Out/Tag-Out safety devices – and at a 10% discounted rate.  The website can be found at www.iso-lok.com. The site also incorporates a new ‘Live Support’ feature for instant aid on safety issues: three mouse clicks from […] [Read more]

12 Oct 2007
New Multi-Clasp padlock from Castell Iso-Lok

Industrial safety specialist Castell Iso-Lok has developed a new Multi-Clasp padlock for Lock-Out/Tag-Out procedures.  The new lock features a standard fixed-width hasp shape and now sports a highly-visible, safety-colour coded, polyester powder coated finish. The new Multi-Clasp has room for six individual padlocks to be attached, allowing multiple workers to lock off the same machine.  […] [Read more]

26 Sep 2007
Hydro Polymers protected by Salvo

Castell’s drive-away prevention system Salvo is now protecting warehouse staff at Europe’s largest single-site PVC compounding operation. Hydro Polymers, part of Norsk Hydro ASA, has installed Salvo on the only loading bay at its Newton Aycliffe site, in County Durham.  The bay handles approximately 30 trailers per day, for both the UK and European markets. […] [Read more]

04 Sep 2007
Two Warburtons sites protected by Salvo

Warburtons, the UK’s largest family-owned bakery, is the latest food industry member to adopt Castell’s Salvo.  The innovative drive-away prevention system has been installed at Warburtons’ Burnley and Blackpool sites, safeguarding a total of eight loading bays. “It’s an easy-to-use, foolproof product,” comments Andrew Evans, Services and Project Engineer at Burnley, “and its operational flexibility […] [Read more]

05 Apr 2007
UPM Shotton chooses Salvo

UPM Shotton, the UK’s largest manufacturer of recycled newsprint, has chosen to protect warehouse staff at its Flintshire site with Salvo, the drive-away prevention system from Castell. The company originally considered a vehicle restraint system but was concerned that variations in trailer axle heights might affect the security of dock levellers.  An evaluation of the […] [Read more]

16 Mar 2007
Iso-Lok and Brady form a winning team

Industrial safety specialist Castell Iso-lok has signed a premier distribution agreement with Brady, making it the only key distributor to focus solely on lock-out/tag-out equipment.   The agreement means that Castell Iso-lok’s established range of lock-out/tag-out equipment will be extended to include Brady’s products. The two companies will also share new product development resources and […] [Read more]

22 Dec 2006
Salvo the only choice for Birds Eye

Frozen food maker Birds Eye, formerly part of Unilever, has chosen Castell’s Salvo to protect warehouse operatives at its Hull factory from the threat of unscheduled trailer departure. Having recognised that its existing system of traffic lights and manual powering up of loading bays by drivers failed to physically prevent a driver from leaving a […] [Read more]

01 Dec 2006
Iso-Lok introduces new smaller ball valve lockout

The latest addition to Castell Iso-lok’s range of ball valve lockouts has been designed for use with ball valves of up to 1” in diameter, ensuring maintenance shut downs can be implemented to the highest possible standard of personnel safety. Iso-lok’s new ball valve lockout allows valves to be locked in either an open or […] [Read more]

15 Sep 2006
Safety gets the personal touch

From padlocks and multiclasps to danger boards, industrial safety specialist Castell Iso-Lok offers customers a personalised service with its detailed key differ register and bespoke engraving service. Every single padlock body and key is numbered and recorded against a specific customer ‘differ’ record.  This ensures the same numbers will not be used on subsequent orders.  […] [Read more]

02 Aug 2006
Wincanton swayed by Salvo’s simplicity

Wincanton, the UK’s second-largest logistics company, has demonstrated its increasing faith in Castell’s Salvo by installing the drive-away prevention system across all 11 loading bays of its West Thurrock site.  This is now the fourth Wincanton distribution centre to be protected by Salvo. “There were three clinching factors behind our decision to go with Salvo”, […] [Read more]

31 May 2006
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